My name is
Mike Harley

I specialize in

Sales, Marketing & Business Development


From small business transactions to global partnerships, Mike has jumpstarted and implemented numerous successful sales tactics to boost a company's cash flow, revenue and profitability.


By successfully increasing an international franchise system from 25 to over 200 in a short period of time, Mike is intimate with the assembling of processes that help develop clients for life.


From positioning a no-name brand to being awarded the #1 Car Rental Franchise System, Mike has capitalized on eventual trends to grow his companies decisively in the marketplace.


By effectively overseeing multiple global operations, Mike is no stranger to managing deadlines, accomplishing tasks systematically, and implementing the best operational practices.


"Despite facing challenges and failures, I have achieved business success in the travel and recreation industry through continued passion and innovation."  -Mike Harley

In addition to playing competitive sports for many years, I coached three boys in baseball up to college. This experience allowed me to develop a strong work ethic and winning attitude. By applying that mindset in business while setting goals through strategic planning, I was able to reach those goals in incremental and measurable stages.

I've learned that understanding a business' pain point is the first step to becoming successful. By thinking out of the box, I have come up with unique ideas and turned those ideas and goals into reality.

Through continuous learning, and putting that knowledge into practice, I am able to provide suitable solutions by: 

  • Anticipating problems
  • Accepting the truth
  • Looking at the big picture
  • Handling one thing at a time
  • Not giving up … ever!

The travel industry has been an exciting journey. From flying over two million miles for work and pleasure to helping thousands of small businesses compete with the big guys, I came to realize the opportunity to connect people in an unfamiliar environment to local recreational activities. Let the fun begin… 

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